Revitalize or Die

Combating Apathy Through Civic Pride

Apathy destroys everything it touches, and while many communities have been devastated by it’s effects, change is coming our way! We are headed down a new path to restore our people’s relationships to our towns. This workshop teaches, promotes, and instills a sense of civic pride throughout our community members. From this 3-hour Combating Apathy through Civic Pride workshop, you and other like-minded community members will take away an “Action Plan” and be ready to create and inspire a community we can be proud of!

Registration Deadline
March 16th

March 21st | 10am – 1pm
Boxed Lunch Provided
Carson Civic Center
1315 K Street
Tekamah, NE 68061
$20 Per Person

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Jeff Siegler

WRITER | SPEAKER | CONSULTANT Having grown up in a struggling rustbelt city Jeff understands the devastating cost of civic apathy and works everyday to combat its effects. Jeff’s work assists cities in their efforts to restore civic health. He believes we have to move beyond economic development and tourism and instead focus on making our cities into places residents can be proud to call home.
Tekamah, NE, USA