Featured Events| 11.20.2020

“Liberty Lake” Quilt Drawing – Burt County Museum

With fabric provided by Washington County Bank of Tekamah, bank employees Becky Anderson and Lisa Anderson pieced a quilt for the museum’s drawing scheduled for Dec. 19.   It was machine quilted by local quilter Linda Elliott and the binding was finished by Lisa’s mother, Pat Jensen. It now hangs in the museum’s parlor.

It is pieced with various colors of aqua and sea green, among a subtle background of white and off-white. The backing is a print of various octagons and squares in the same colors. The pattern is called “Liberty Lake.”

The raffle is going on right now! $1 donation per ticket 
 Ticket winner will be drawn Dec. 19, 2020. Must be 18 to participate.

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Tekamah, NE, USA