Debbie Thiemann

I moved to the Tekamah-Herman area in Spring of 2019 from Omaha, Nebraska, where I was born and raised. My husband, Sean, and I were expecting our third child and I didn’t know a single person in the area! After Jacob and Alaina started THS that fall, I joined the PTO where I met some wonderful, all-around, welcoming women. They helped me learn so much about how the community and school in Tekamah thrived. I am so grateful to have taken the leap into the community through that avenue and my friendships have grown since.  Although many have been born and raised and are now raising their own families here, it’s apparent why; the environment and opportunities here couldn’t be matched in a large city like Omaha.

In 2020 I opened ‘dt Photography’ on Main Street to bring my talents to life. I hope for the future success of our Main Street and that other businesses find opportunities to help our community grow and deepen their roots. I love Tekamah because seeing familiar faces I’ve grown to know gives me comfort in knowing I have a purpose and am seen not only as a face but as a family spreading our love in this place we now call home.
Tekamah, NE, USA