Tekamah, NE, USA
Town News| 02.8.2023

Small Businesses on Main Street

Vacant Properties, Changing Storefront Uses, and Small Businesses on Main Street: What You Can Do About It Right Now with Limited Time

This webinar is about taking action. It is about what Main Street leaders can do, despite not having enough hours in the day. This is about being resourceful and making a difference now. This is about Main Street, and small-scale manufacturing, service businesses, and everyone else struggling in the current economy. Participants will gain a clear understanding of current economic challenges (pre-COVID ones, too), a defined framework to rebuild and strengthen equitable main street economies, and concrete actions they can take to fill storefronts and grow their local businesses in a way that creates more opportunity for more people.

Feb 7, 2023 01:00 PM Central Time

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Tekamah, Nebraska
Tekamah, NE, USA


Our community is full of amazing people who are committed to the growth of our town and showcasing our local businesses. Creating connections and coordinating local events, the Tekamah Chamber enlightens community engagement and encourages tourism to our great small town. Over a dozen new businesses in the past decade and counting.

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Tekamah, NE, USA