Town News| 03.9.2021

Burt County made the list of ‘Best Day Trips from Omaha, NE!

Burt County


The Best Day Trips From Omaha, Nebraska

“Enjoy the 45-minute drive northwest of Omaha as you visit Burt County, home to Master’s Hand boutique and chocolate shop. The Tekamah store is home to a variety of home accessories, including handmade candles, a small cafe (reservations required), and chocolate. Everything — from fudge squares to chocolates in the shape of Nebraska — is handmade. During Valentine’s season, they make chocolate-dipped strawberries that will earn you points with your true love. Tekamah is also home to the Burt County Museum, which explores the area’s history from when Native Americans lived in the area to the early 1900s and includes heirlooms and artifacts donated by local families. With two wineries — Big Cottonwood and Silver Hills — Tekamah is the perfect spot for local wine and cheese. You can also grab a meal and a Nebraska-brewed beer at Chatterbox Brews. Oakland, 14 miles to the west, is home to the Swedish Heritage Center. Located in a former church, it traces the area’s cultural history. You can also enjoy a drive in the country as you explore the Byway of Art, featuring a storefront theater in Lyons and a streetcar garden display in Decatur.”
Tekamah, NE, USA